Top 10 siêu xe mới đẹp nhất

<title>Top 10 siêu xe mới đẹp nhất</title>

Top 10 siêu xe mới đẹp nhất

Những nhà thiết kế huyền thoại như Marcello Gandini, Giorgetto Giugiaro và Ian Callum là những nghệ sĩ thiên tài trong việc thiết kế xe hơi.

Vẻ đẹp của những chiếc xe đến từ đường nét uốn lượn hay kiểu dáng mạnh mẽ, thu hút người yêu xe. Năm nay còn là một năm tuyệt vời dành cho ngành công nghiệp xe hơi vì rất nhiều mẫu xe hơi đẹp mắt được đưa ra thị trường. Dưới đây là 10 mẫu xe mà bạn có thể mua ngay lập tức.

10. Volkswagen Scirocco
10 volkswagen scirocco based on the fantastic volkswagen gti the scirocco offers a wide stance and an aggressive angular front headlight and grille combo

although the scirocco is sold around the world it is doesnt look like the stylish coupe will be coming to america anytime soon

9. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
9 chevrolet corvette stingray the vette has always been beautiful to its devoted followers but the current generation stingray is without a doubt the prettiest version of the american idol that weve seen in decades

the vette perfectly blends elements from its more than 60 years of history with the design needs of a modern sports car which is one of the reasons we named the stingray business insiders first annual car of the year

8. Peugeot RCZ
8 peugeot rcz while most americans may be unfamiliar with this french sports coupe the rcz has been racking up the awards since its debut in 2009 including top gears 2010 coupe of the year
the rczs soft flowing curves and classic double bubble roofline make for one gorgeous silhouette

7. Maserati GranTurismo
7 maserati granturismo even though the granturismo has been on sale for nearly a decade now the gts elegant lines are truly timeless
the granturismos pininfarina designed body offers a perfect balance between feminine and masculine features with its rounded edges elegantly offset by its aggressive front fascia

6. BMW i8
6 bmw i8 the bmw i8 looks like no other car on the road today
with the i8 bmw has successfully blended a cacophony of materials textures and angles to create a harmonious composition

5.Lamborghini Aventador
5lamborghini aventador a lamborghini should neither be boring nor conventionally beautiful fortunately the flagship aventador isnt
the aventadors aggressive lines and stealth fighter like edges make for a menacing beauty thats perfect for lambos attention hoarding ethos

4. Ferrari LaFerrari
4 ferrari laferrari people tend to find ferraris attractive simply because they are ferraris but the reality is that the company created some misses the ferrari laferrari isnt one of them
designed in house at ferrari laferrari is a bold melange of classic elements from maranellos supercars of yore its lines are sleek evocative of a spaceship yielding the ultimate ferrari hypercar

3. Aston Martin Vanquish
3 aston martin vanquish like the english spy who is most famous for driving aston martins the pressure on the vanquish to live up to expectations is great but astons top of the line grand tourer delivers
with the vanquish designer marek reichman gave form to a seductively styled modern interpretation of the classic aston martin supercar

2. Pagani Huayra
2 pagani huayra the 230 mph huayra is the second all new model to emerge from the italian workshop of horacio pagani it serves as the successor to the widely praised zonda
in may ways horacio pagani is an automotive steve jobs no detail no matter how minute is overlooked everything from the design of the cars active aerodynamics to the ding sound the shifter makes is carefully and deliberate
the result is a hypercar with a rocket ship body and a sort of steampunk interior utterly original

1. Jaguar F-Type
1 jaguar f type designer ian callum once told me a jaguar design must possess beauty simplicity and a sense of visual prowess
with the f type sir ian has checked all of those boxes and then some
the f types feline curves and muscular stance means this cat from coventry is ready to pounce

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